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Alex and JonathanAnsell & Clarke is a partnership borne from the friendship of Jonathan (Ansell) and Alex (Clarke) who met at Secondary School. The school they attended was an early adopter of the internet (1998) and it was at this point that the future of Ansell & Clarke LLP began to be written. Kindling an interest in both of them they soon managed to talk their respective parents into signing up for a dial-up account at home and promptly bought their first 56k modems. The years that followed were a mixture of terrible self-build websites brimming with midi tunes, excessive amounts of java script and useless visitor counters recording the absence of any traffic.

Fortunately as time progressed they got better and realised that they had a chance at turning a hobby into career. After doing some work for a local business (while in 6th form and studying for AS-level qualifications) they decided to pursue the dream. A call to the bank had them arrange a meeting with a living breathing business banking manager (remember those?) and after adorning their finest polyester M&S suits and giving the most pathetic interview conceivable they managed to get an business bank account.

Several years passed with each of them pursuing independent employment while at the same time continuing to develop the business in their free time. The day finally arrived and Alex began working full time, joined a few months later by Jonathan. Working from a small study the business continued to grow, eventually giving them the means to move into a shared office in serviced office accommodation. A year and a half later they moved into a tiny box room within the same office complex and in the space of two years hired their first employee, Matt Honeywill. They now operate their business from a more comfortably sized office near Farnham town center.

Here’s to another eventful 14 years.

Ansell and Clarke go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
A friendly, professional and very efficient service. Very helpful and knowledgeable.
We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

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