Recruiting email addresses

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One of the most important aspects of online commerce is communicating with your customers via email marketing. Although the importance of this is widely understood, finding ways of recruiting quality email addresses can be difficult. Here are our top tips collecting quality email addresses.

Newsletter subscription boxes
Ensure you have an email subscription box within the main template of your website. It needs to appear on every page.

Incentivise signup
Provide a first order discount for new email newsletter subscriptions. Make sure customers validate their email address before they receive the offer.

Utilise additional sales channels
Encourage in-store email newsletter signups but ensure your data capture method is sound. Handwriting can be difficult to interpret and transcription from paper to digital can introduce errors.
Provide a pre-paid email capture form to your mail order catalogue but don’t forget to to incentivise signups. If you sell in bulk to online retailers ranging your products ensure your products come with a care document/warranty card that directs customers to your personal website.

Refer a friend
Ensure your email message have a ‘Refer a friend feature’.

Social media signup
Introduce an email capture form to your Facebook fan page.
Add captioning to your YouTube which direct people to your newsletter signup form.
Pin images of your products with offer information that links through to your email newsletter signup page.

Strategic partnerships
Partner with companies that offer similar products and share marketing data. Remember to update your marketing policy information on your respective websites.

Social sharing links
Ensure your email newsletters provide the ability for customers to share your emails to social networsks

Pay-per-click ads
Use services like Google Adwords and Bing Ads to direct customer to your newsletter signup form.

Review your personal email database
Raid your personal inbox and collate email address of friends, family and past associates.


Whatever you do… make sure the action is incentivised. The customers willingness to do something for the love of the brand should be a business goal but until such a day you’re going to need to give them something in return.

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