5 ROI drivers for your ecommerce shop.

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Keyword Search
Allowing the customer the ability to perform a custom search may seem obvious but how intelligent is the technology behind the search box? Many ecommerce packages will provide basic keyword look up as standard but there are other tools available that will extend the functionality and intelligence of product search. Consider the following:
– What happens is someone makes a typo? Will they be notified or simple told that nothing was found.
– What if someone reverses their keyword search for example: ‘Shoe Black’ as opposed to ‘Black Shoe’
– Does the search facility learn from user behaviour and adjust search results accordingly?
– Can you filter and refine your search to specific price, brand, size and colour.

Cross-selling is the process of linking products together so that they are displayed together. It’s a labour intensive process but it will enhance your customer’s online experience.
Up-selling was born in bricks and mortar shops.  Just think of the sweeties at the supermarket checkouts or in the case of my local Shell garage the Red Bull they slide across the counter while announcing a special offer.
Don’t miss the opportunity to try and entice your customer into purchasing that little extra something.
Sometimes people are reluctant to engage in up-selling in the fear that this will distract the customer and cause them to drop out of the checkout process. Executed sensitively you should not encounter this problem.
Social Network Sharing

There is no escaping social media and its power to engage wide audiences. If you customers love your brand or your products it’s highly likely they will want to tell people about you. Placing a sharing icon on your product pages is an easy win and allows your brand activists to promote your product or service.
Product Ratings & Reviews
Research has shown* that consumers spend at least a day researching a purchase before clicking the buy button. By incorporating product reviews and ratings into your website you become a source of information who people will turn to when making a buying decision. Recruiting genuine reviews is not a great challenge either. Consider using an auto responder to send out and email a few days after the purchase inviting the customer to review the product. Incentivise them by offering a discount off their next order on submission of a review.

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